We Provide Light Technology
Solutions for Human Health & Longevity

Our Promise

We use the highest quality products and scientifically backed technology to manufacture Light Therapy Pods & Panels for both professional and home use.

Proprietary Design

Our Light Pods and Panels are Australian designed and engineered using the latest PhotoBioModulation Technology.

Made for Professionals

Our customers include Medical and Allied Health Professionals, Sporting Teams, Skin Specialists and Health Conscious People looking for the best in Photobiomodulation technology.

Shipping World Wide

We ship our products swiftly, Worldwide.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Red and Near-Infrared Light Therapy has been clinically shown to:

  1.  Repair damage from the sun and reduce wrinkles
  2.  Speed muscle recovery and enhance peak performance
  3.  Heal acne and blemishes
  4. Fade scars and stretch marks
  5.  Speed up wound healing
  6.  Reduce joint inflammation
  7.  Boost testosterone levels
  8.  Aid recovery from Hypothyroidism
  9.  Enhance collagen synthesis and repair
  10.  Restore mitochondrial oxidation and energy production

Our Products

Capture the Sun

We capture the healing red (660 nm) and near infra-red (850 nm) frequencies of the sun.

Highest Quality Design

Designed with the highest quality LEDs, optimal frequencies and power densities.

Easy to Use

Simple to operate whole body light pods for professionals and panels for home use.

What Our Clients Say


Designed to stimulate healthy cellular function, the Mitogen Whole Body Light Pod delivers optimal healing wavelengths of light at 660 nm and 850 nm.


Built with the latest LED technology, the Mitogen Light Panel delivers superior photobiomodulation results with no EMF

We Provide Light Technology Solutions for Human Health & Longevity