Early in our research, we learned there are 4 key factors that should be considered when designing a light therapy device: treatment area, treatment time, convenience, durability, and efficiency.

Treatment Area

Most light therapy devices are incredibly small. You can only treat a small area of your body at any given time.  To solve this issue, we wanted a device that could treat a large surface area in one setting – ideally something that allows for full-body treatment.

Treatment Time

The sad reality is that most light therapy devices are significantly underpowered. In fact, most light therapy companies don’t even list the power output of their units. Instead, we wanted a device that would yield significant clinical results in just minutes per day.


Even though we wanted a device that was large enough to treat your entire body, we didn’t want to concern ourselves with storage. No one wants to lug a big product out of the closet every day. At only 3″ thick, our device is designed to hang on any door. Very sleek and extremely convenient.


Built to last. That’s what everyone wants from their products – including us. So that’s why we developed our devices with the latest LED technology. Rated to last over 50,000 hours, you won’t ever have to swap out our LEDs. Why change bulbs when you don’t have to.

We Provide Light Therapy Technology Solutions for Human Health & Longevity

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