‘Baby let the light shine through…’ Almost 3 years ago, I had a motorcycle accident and suffered from PTSD and adjustment disorder. With broken bones in my wrist, shoulder/neck and spinal injuries, torn AC in both knees, I began the journey back to health. Working intensively with physio I made headway in gaining back some control but nothing prepared me for the tragic and untimely death of a loved one, the grief was overwhelming. I continued to have insomnia and social isolation which contributed to chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome and other seemingly compounding challenges, and I thought I’d lost my former self – who was enthusiastic, had a go-getter attitude, and was a goal oriented hard-working and diligent person. Having researched the evidence-based benefits of Red Light Therapy and chosen MitoGen the amazing results are in… In less than 3 weeks! After 2 sessions my energy levels increased and I started hitting the gym again. DOMS appeared 8 days later and lasted only 2 hrs as daily light exposure speds up my muscle recovery. A skin condition I had cleared up in 4 sessions, that was totally unexpected! Scars, stretch marks from gym work, decreased in size. I went from struggling to get to 3 gym sessions and waking up with swollen ankle and knee joints and lower back pain to now completing 5 sessions with little lag time or muscle soreness in under 2 weeks. My digestive system is working efficiently as I experienced light detox and now actually digest the food I consume. My hair and nails grow faster… When someone asks me what the experience of using RLT is, I say, you know when you’re feeling exhausted and want to go down to the beach, you put your feet in the sand and it instantly resets your circadian rhythm, you breathe in ionised sea air and you feel recharged by the time you get home? That’s the feeling I get EVERY night using RLT. I am no longer in an energy deficit where I am constantly catching up, I wake up with an increased drive to set and achieve personal goals, my sleep has been amazing and restorative… I feel happier all the time, naturally feel a brighter outlook on life and it gives me a renewed hope…
Van Canberra

I’ve had ten sessions in the MitoGen and I’ve been really impressed. Things I’ve noticed over 1 month of use: -Chronic Eczema is almost completely cleared up. -Back pain is zero. -My deadlift 1-repetition-max has gone from 95kg to 121kg.
Happy Lifter 😀
Sonya Melbourne

When I was training for my first half-marathon, the last two weeks before the race were terrible. I was in pain, my body hurt to run, and i needed to get over the pain just to complete the race. The last two weeks before my first full marathon were even worse. I was feeling my right lower leg was very uncomfortable, and to run was almost impossible. I spent the last week doing massage, acupuncture, physiotherapy and taking anti-inflammatories. Now, two weeks before my first Iron Man 70.3, i feel amazing! No pain, full of energy, and I am in love with the MitoGen pod!
In the results, i managed to finish the race in 5h20m43s, which is 10min faster than i had expected, and the best part was i felt great during the whole race!
Tiago Melbourne

After a week of using the MitoGen, I feel energised. The quality of my sleep has improved, as has my mental alertness. Residual pain from exercise has decreased, and i feel better equipped to tackle the stress of a high pressure work environment.
Mark, Melbourne
Mark Melbourne, Australia

“After 5 sessions in the MitoGen Pod, my body is feeling younger. And after the year I’ve had, I need all the recovery assistance I can get. I’m not across the science, but I’m a believer!”
Paul Melbourne

Our daughter has been chronically ill since birth, has suffered from CIRS (a chronic inflammatory syndrome from mould exposure,) and suffered also from mitochondrial dysfunction and anxiety.

Before consulting with MItoGen and beginning treatment, our daughter had chronic fatigue, slept a lot, was carried for most part of each day and didn’t have the confidence to join in any activities.

After only two weeks of treatment in the MitoGen pod, she now has stamina and energy, can play all day without the huge crashes she was having, and is suddenly joining in with other children and interacting.
This treatment was certainly the missing piece in her healing journey and I couldn’t recommend this treatment more highly.
Thank you MitoGen.


Torquay, Australia

Since my early 20s I suffered from increasing mental and physical health problems. No doctor linked either of those things despite my repeated complaints. I had bruises constantly, the beginnings of what would turn in to pretty awful anxiety, I was always having digestive problems, cystic acne, dental decay and psoriasis that would spread during late winter to cover large parts of my skin.

I began experiencing long bouts of insomnia, lying awake all night feeling like I was under attack from my own body. I had surgery on my degrading knee cartilage and parts of my digestive system.

Last year in winter, despite working in a heated office, I had chilblains (minor frostbite) on my toes for months. Despite the low carbing, intense workouts and low calories I gained weight and experienced hair loss, no energy and a drop into depression.

After hearing about the many potential benefits of LLLT, I did a five-session course over three weeks. There was a marked increase in my energy levels, an amazing change in my skin texture – it was so smooth and strong, and the usual acne on my chest cleared right up. Since using the Mitogen Red Light Pod the redness in my face has decreased and my face is so smooth it’s freaking out my partner.  My blood sugar levels improved so dramatically I didn’t need constant snacks through the day to prevent hunger. I feel so calm – my anxiety is at a low low level. I now drive to work with a smile on. I sing a lot. I feel content and I lost several cm off my waist and hips easily.

I signed up for another ten sessions and I can’t wait.


Bendigo, Australia

I’m 50 years old, I have four children in their 20’s, I’ve had a stressful, busy life and I’ve suffered a lot of abuse.

In 2014 I had a breakdown where my body shut down, my spine collapsed, I was unable to work, drive a car, or even walk down the street. I completely lost my quality of life. Some of my symptoms were insomnia, restless leg syndrome, painful periods, severe and debilitating fatigue, a collapsed spine, and muscle wastage.

My life became 100% focused on my recovery. I went to multiple GP’s, physios, osteos, Chinese medicine doctors, a spinal surgeon and a neurologist as well as following diet and nutrition regimes. I found some relief at times but none enough to regain my quality of life or see light at the end of the tunnel.

Recently I spent 3 months off work, resting, walking in nature, and swimming in the ocean. I saw it as my last chance at recovery, but was heartbroken when I felt like I wasn’t getting any better.

3 weeks ago I came back to Sydney to help my daughter open her new yoga studio “Studio Red Yoga”. My plan was to just offer her support whenever and however I could. As the studio is a red light therapy studio, powered by MitoGen I began using the MitoGen red and infrared light devices everyday.

From my first treatment, I felt the difference. I no longer have to do my breathing and movement practices during the night to hold myself together. My sleep quality has improved exponentially and I wake up in the mornings with strength in my body. I have been working long hours in the yoga studio, setting the business up and teaching yoga which I am shocked I am able to do.

I still have moments when my body weakens but if I sit with the MitoGen I recover really quickly especially if I combine it with a yoga practice. Out of everything I’ve tried, this has been by far the most effective and I am getting stronger every day. It has been a major life change. Just a few months ago I thought I was going to die. I can now do things I haven’t been able to do since 2014.

Thank you MitoGen. I stand by this treatment whole heartedly.


Sydney, Australia