What is Light Therapy?

‘All life originates and develops under the influence of … light’— Goethe

Dr Charles Czeisler of Harvard Medical School showed in 1981 that full-spectrum sunlight keeps a person’s internal biological clock aligned with the environment. If it is out of sync, the body’s processes are out of sync. Sunlight contains all the right information (frequencies) for health and longevity. It keeps the body’s intricate mechanics and internal clock in sync with the natural environment – critical for well-being.

When we are outdoors most of the time, our body and eyes correctly interpret this photonic information to stay healthy. When indoors and receiving photons from man-made devices and lighting, we interpret this as mis-information and set ourselves up for poorer health.

Photobiomodulation is the term used to describe the application of light to the body for treatment of an ailment. 

MitoGen light therapy devices supplement the beneficial red and near infra-red wavelengths of natural sunlight that is difficult to find the time to get in a busy modern world saturated with artificial light of the wrong wavelengths.

In certain circumstances of deficiency, one may need to supplement with higher doses of vitamins or minerals. Light is no different. If you can’t find the time to see the morning or afternoon sun when red and near infra-red light is most available, then MitoGen therapy is your plan B.

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